Panel for Education Policy Hearing on PS19 Phaseout

Posted: January 30, 2012 in Hearings, PS 19

The Panel for Education Policy (PEP) will be voting on whether or not to phaseout (close? transform?) Los Sures’ beloved Roberto Clemente School, PS 19.

WHEN:  Thursday, Feb. 9, 2012; 6pm
WHERE: Brooklyn Technical High School, 29 Fort Greene Place, Brooklyn, NY 11217.

The Southside Community Schools Coalition will be MOBILIZING the community to attend this crucial hearing. Stay tuned for how to join us at this critical venue!

But wait!

Speak up now!  The public comment period is still open.  Oral and written comments regarding the proposed PS 19 phaseout will be accepted until February 8, 2012 at 6:00PM. Call or email Carrie Marlin of the NYC DOE: Carrie Marlin or (212) 374-0208.

To learn more about the NYC DOE’s plans for the PS 19 phaseout, read this document.  Click here for the Spanish version.

  1. Danielle Brockstedt says:

    we cant afford o close schools children need an education we need schools to remain open itll worsnt the over crowdness of schools if we close another school

  2. fleks says:

    P.S 19.Was 1st recognized as an opportunity for local individuals such as my parents, who came in to the south side of Brooklyn from other locations of New York to create a successful future for their children. Among them were four of us who’s lives has transformed in hope, promising, and a creative future. P.S.19 was the gateway for many now day students whom dreamed of a better happening towards the years to come. The teachers held the most highest respect and maintained the upmost perspective attitude when it came down to sharing their knowledge and giving their piece of mind for the students. Achievement was the goal to proceed into the higher standards the majority of us hold. To whom it may concern, and sincerely stating, This school holds more than just a future within a great number of students, the history within it’s more than just an effect…it’s in little words…a major part of our lives. God bless our school system and the great things they have done and will continue to do for our society!!!

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