Tell the DOE (literally) YOU SAY NO TO SUCCESS ACADEMY @ MS50!

Posted: February 8, 2012 in Charter School Co-Location, MS 50, Panel for Education Policy (PEP), Success Academy Charters

We still need for as many community members as possible to sign the online Petition asking the DOE to stop the colocation of Success Academy Williamsburg into MS50.

BUT, you can also say so to the NYC Department of Education DIRECTLY!

The public comment period (written or oral) for the March 1st Panel for Education Policy meeting is open from now until 6pm on Weds. Feb. 29th.

EVERYONE should email and tell them WE DO NOT SUPPORT the colocation of Brooklyn Success Academy Charter School 4 (84KTBD) with Existing School J.H.S. 050 John D. Wells (14K050) in Building K050.”

You can also call Toby Shepherd of the DOE: (212) 374-0208 and tell him the same thing.

  1. Sarah Porter says:

    great! I just sent one.

    What about getting several reams of paper w a letter (englspan) to doe/pep for tonight that states, no to closing ps19 and no to bsa colocation at jhs50 — so that all those folks gathered at pep meeting tonight could sign a letter? numbers count.

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