The Southside Community Schools Coalition (SCSC) is a coalition of community-based organizations, churches, elected officials, education activists, school administrators, teachers, and parents who are committed to fighting for a community voice in school decision-making, and who are committed to supporting all Williamsburg schools in becoming excellent learning and development centers worthy of the needs and potential of our children.

  1. Rachel says:

    I have a question for you. How did you get all of these organizations outside of the DOE school involved? I imagine calling and explaining the situation and getting your voice out. I am at a school undergoing the same problem- co-location of Manhattan Charter School 11. Any help would be really appreciated.

    Ms, Grater
    Project Arts

    • Ms. Grater,

      For the struggle at MS50, it really had to do with the long history of community involvement in District 14. Most of the organizations on our roster are actually rooted in the community, their leadership are already directly engaged in school issues (as members of SLTs, our local CEC, the Education Committee of our local Community Board), and most of them directly serve parents of students at schools like MS50 and PS19 outside of the schools. Our schools are also supported by locally-rooted CBOs who run afterschool programs in their buildings: El Puente operates a Beacon Program at MS50, and St. Nick’s Alliance operates an OST program at PS19. Both CBOs supported the school in reaching out to the other institutions that serve the schools’ families, like the churches and civic groups.

      How has MS332 (or any other school in the building currently) connected to the CEC? Are there any CBO-operated afterschool programs in the building? Are the Parent Coordinators able to work with parents to identify other community institutions that support the families (churches, etc.) that parents can engage in the effort?

      We understand the position you’re in. Though it may seem daunting, there’s still time to get the information out to your community and engage them to support the school before the March 21 PEP vote on your school’s colocation.

      If you’re available, please attend our Town Hall meeting tonight at MS 50, 630pm. 183 South 3rd Street (@ Roebling), Brooklyn, NY 11211 (walking distance from the L train at Bedford or J/M train to Marcy). The Town Hall serves as another community info session, engaging folks to be aware of what’s going on, and to be present for our PEP meeting this Thursday.

      T. Doherty

  2. Sarah Porter says:

    HI SCSC–great work mobilizing people! I couldn’t go last night, but hope to go to pep meeting on thursday.

    One thought–maybe you are already doing this–what about getting people to sign on to petitions re closing ps19 and co-locating at ms50? There is one started, it could be translated into spanish, or a new simpler one started w spanish translation, and linked at your site, and given out to all the parents to pass on etc. Just an idea, I’ve found in past on many community actions that politicians respond to numbers in letter /petition format.

    Here is petition already started, not many signatures yet.

    It could be simplified w spanish translation and spread like wildfire…

    When I spoke w DOE person chairing meeting at ms50 in january, he backed up their proposal by saying hundreds (maybe he said thousands, not sure) had signed up to get into a sca school, that was why they had to do it…seems to me that we could fight that w equal numbers of signatures from actual community saying we’re opposed to the closing of 19 and the co-location at ms50…


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