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The Latino Community is under attack throughout New York City. We are being displaced from our traditional neighborhoods at the rate of an endangered species.

City Policies are driving forward a city that, each day, is more polarized, more segregated by class, color, and ethnicity. Nowhere is that more apparent than in Williamsburg, in general, and the Southside of Williamsburg, specifically. The Southside, a community, that in the 1980’s was the most concentrated Latino neighborhood in New York City is now being “cleansed” of the Latino working class in favor of those not Latino or working class.

We must make clear that we will continue to and have always welcomed non-Latinos to our neighborhood. The Southside Community Schools Coalition (SCSC) is committed to creating a vibrant community for all. What we will never allow is a racist and classist inspired takeover of our schools – one that will raise, again, the ugly head of division in Williamsburg.